rise & shine family restaurant

Rise and Shine is a breakfast and lunch place located at 373 Bridge St W Waterloo, ON.

We went there on a weekday so they were very few people around at 11 am.  As we were about to leave a lot of people were coming in for lunch.  I’m surprised I discovered this place after almost 5 years in Waterloo. I guess its not as famous as a big chain like Cora’s, hence newbies might take a while to discover good eats such as these around town.


Restaurant is pretty spacious and was not crowded, but I’m sure it gets really packed during weekends. I actually found the place to be very relaxing.


I ordered Banana Berry Melody Crepes with strawberry coulis and white chocolate sauce.


DH had Vegetable Omelette with home fries and baked beans.


My eldest sons favorite, nothing other than Blueberry Waffles.


Middle son and the youngest one had Chocolate Chip Pancakes.

My 2 cents on the food quality:  I really enjoyed the crepes, they were perfectly done and fabulous. Strawberry coulis was a great compliment to the dish.  My husband enjoyed his meal too, Omelette was decent, their home fries potatoes were chunky and flavorful.   I was surprised the kids loved their meals, as they are so picky about what they eat.

Quantity:  Their servings were pretty filling, especially the pancakes, the youngest two shared the meal.

Price: I can’t remember exactly how much each dish cost, but I think the total came to around $36, which is pretty good for the delicious food, better than Cora’s (said no one ever) he-he.

Apart from food stuff, the staff were quite friendly.  The only downside I could think of is that the order took longer than expected, even though there weren’t too many people around.  I just hope this was a one time thing, as my family and I concluded that we would like to go back there and try other dishes on the menu.


afghani kebob cusine

Afghan Kebob is located at 780 Burhamthrope Road West, Mississauga, ON.

Trip to Mississauga Dec 28 2014 233

This place was very peaceful and quiet compared to the famous Bamiyan Kabob.  However, it might be because we went on a Sunday evening for an early dinner.

Trip to Mississauga Dec 28 2014 231

I didn’t get a chance to take more pics of the place, as I was exhausted that day.  We ordered 3 dishes for our family.  The wait time was less than 10 minutes, so that was a great plus.

Trip to Mississauga Dec 28 2014 290

Sultani chicken with rice, salad, and naan – $12.99

Trip to Mississauga Dec 28 2014 289

Shaami kabob came with rice, salad, and naan – $9.49

We ordered tandoori chicken plate for kids ($11.49), but totally slipped my mind to take a picture. Mommy brains, sigh.

My 2 cents on the food quality: The food was good, especially the sultani chicken and tandoori kabob dinner plates, both were tasty and delicious. However, I felt the shaami kabob lacked flavors and was quite bland.  The naans that came with each dinner plate were quite soft and filling though.  The spicy tomato sauce had way too much salt and more spicy than normal, not suitable for kids or adults alike, unless you like drinking hot sauce.

Apart from the food, the decor was great and well-lighted, much better than other Afghan cuisines we have tried.  However, the ladies washroom didn’t have a lock on the door.  I don’t think I have experienced that before, I hope the issue gets resolved soon.

Also, they need to work on their website since it doesn’t work.  I don’t like staring at blank page especially when I’m hungry and looking for address.

Overall, as you can see the prices were decent for the quantity of food.  Maybe, they could cut down on the huge amount of lettuce and replace with more rice.  In terms of quality, I would rate it slightly above average, definitely not at par with other Afghani restaurants out there.